Colour & Sound Therapy

With Colour and Vibrational Healing:

The Mind becomes clearer, creativity is increased, and memory improves. Colours and smells are more acute. The Emotions become more balanced. The Spirit is more at peace.

Colourenergetics® was created in 1995 by Cathy Hughes, certified colour and sound therapist. 

Her intention is to bring the awareness of how colour and sound can change our perceptions of health and overall well-being.

Cathy is a sought after public speaker on many varied topics such as:

  • Self-Care for Care Givers

  • Living Life in Full Colour

  • Stress Relief

  • Meditation for the Mainstream

Cathy received training and certification as a colour and vibrational therapist from The Colour Institute of Canada. After finishing the three year program she studied another year for diploma status as a colour therapist/educator.              

Her training as a sound therapist comes from The Pacha Institute and Jonathan Goldman. From the Pacha Institute she studied tuning fork therapy. From Goldman she studied for four months in vocal toning and then attended a 9 day Healing Sound intensive with Goldman in Colorado.

 In 1997 Cathy started ColourEnergetics® School of Vibrational Studies for those who wish to pursue the study of colour and sound therapy. 

Colour and vibrational therapy is taught for certification and for general interest.

In 2002 Cathy developed a certification program in Colour Sound Therapy®. This modality combines Spectro-Chrome colour and tuning fork therapy.

In 2006 Cathy co-founded the Canadian International Confederation of Colourists now known as the Canadian Colour Association.

Cathy has taught through Metro Community College, (Edmonton Public Schools), Grant MacKewan University and The Learning Network. When under contract with the Learning Network Cathy gave her talks on Stress Relief and Self Care for Care Givers in northern and eastern Alberta school districts.

She has also presented her courses in B.C., Toronto and Kingston Ontario as well as throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Cathy has also appeared on The Big Breakfast Show Chum TV, Global Morning News, Access TV, and CFRN news Edmonton. Currently Cathy broadcasts a bi-monthly radio show on Blog Talk Radio called, "Colours with Cathy."

Her articles on colour have been published in popular magazines and web news sites in England and Canada.   Cathy has been a featured speaker at events such as the Grey Nuns Hospital Women’s Event; The Federal Government’s Wellness Day, Dessert with Synchronicity Magazine, Alberta Agriculture Women’s Day, and Wise Woman Weekend in Naramata B.C, Women Inspiring Women retreats and is a popular presenter for Healthy Living Therapies Association and the Spiritual Free Thought Study Group.  She has released two meditation CDs and an instructional DVD on Colour Sound Therapy.

Cathy Hughes MIAC CIC

780-231-6395     Edmonton Alberta

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